Helm Technology Scholarship.

There still isn't enough diversity in technology. In leadership roles it's even worse. But to fix diversity at the top you also have to fix it at the bottom.

Our business was founded on the principle of leaving a ladder behind you. Whatever you do, you should make the climb easier for the next person.

So we run a scholarship programme to get people into technology as a career, and improve diversity in the industry as a whole.

In partnership with...Founders and coders

How it works

1. Register for free training

Provided by our partner Founders and Coders, this skills bootcamp teaches you web development.

Two evenings a week with 10+ hours study and project work per week. 12 weeks long. You must have the right to work in the UK. Register here.

2. A fully funded apprenticeship

Graduates of the skills programme are eligeable to be selected for a fully funded apprenticeship. In partnership with Founders and Coders we will give you £800 per month in your pocket while you complete another 12 week course.

By the end of it, you will have built a web application for a real client and had opportunity to interview for a paid apprenticeship role.

We put 10% of our profits aside to get new people into tech. Each time we collect enough in there, we select a person at random from those that completed the skills bootcamp to receive this scholarship. No catch.

Progress to the next scholarship place

£1200 / £2400 raised

Donate to the Helm Scholarship

Want to put money into a fund where 100% of it goes towards teaching people to code? Donate here to do just that.

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